30 September 2023

Welded joints over Riveted joints

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Welded joints over Riveted joints

Advantages and disadvantages of welded joints over Riveted joints :-

Advantages :-

1. Efficiency is more.
2. Lighter structures can be made.
3. Has greater strength.
4. Addition and alteration can be easily made.
5. Tension members are not weakened.
6. Rigid frames can be made.
7. Process of welding takes less time.
8. Drilling or punching of holes does not required.
9. Required smaller section for same load.
10. Smooth in appearance as well as painting is easier and economical.

Disadvantages :-

1. Need high level of skilled labour and supervision.
2. Due to uneven heating and cooling the members may get distorted or additional stress may develop.
3. Inspection is little bit difficult.
4. No provision of expansion or contraction in the frame, therefore cracks may develop.

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