7 December 2023

Part#3 | Content-1 | What is Steam Turbine | Turbine Fundamentals and Basics | Basic Aspects of Steam Turbine Maintenance

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What is a Turbine ?

-A Turbine is a device which converts the heat energy of   steam into the kinetic energy & then to rotational energy.

-The Motive Power in a steam turbine is obtained by the rate of change in momentum of a high velocity jet of steam impinging on a curved blade which is free to rotate.

-The basic cycle for the steam turbine power plant is the Rankine cycle. The modern Power plant uses the Rankine cycle modified to include super heating, regenerative feed water heating & reheating.

Working Principal of Steam Turbine

  • A steam turbine works on the principle of conversion of High pressure & temperature steam into high Kinetic energy , thereby giving torque to a moving rotor.
  • For above energy conversion there is requirement of converging /Converging-Diverging Sections
  • Such above requirement is built up in the space between two consecutive blades of fixed and moving blades rows.


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