22 September 2023

Valves | Function of valves | Classification of Valves

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1. What is the function of valves?
Answer: –
A. Isolation.
B. Regulation.
C. Non-Return.
D. Special purpose.

2. How the valves are classified based on their function?

A. Isolation.
1. Gate valve.
2. Ball valve
3. Plug valve.
4. Piston valve.
5. Diaphragm Valve.
6. Butterfly valve.
7. Pinch valve.
B. Regulation
1. Globe valve.
2. Needle valve.
3. Butterfly valve.
4. Diaphragm valve.
5. Piston valve.
6. Pinch valve.
C. Non- Return
1. Check valve.
D. Special purpose
1. Multi- Port valve.
2. Flush Bottom valve.
3. Float valve.
4. Foot valve.
5. Line blind valve.
6. Knife Gate valve.

3. How the valves are classified based on its method of operation?
Answer:- Valves are classified based on its method of operation as: –
A. Self- operated valves.
B. Operated valves.

4. Name the Self – operated & operated valves?
Answer:- Mainly the check valves are self-operated and all other valve types comes under operated valves.

5. How the valves are classified based on end connection?
Answer:- Valves are classified based on end connection as: –
A. Screwed ends.
B. Socket ends.
C. Flanged ends.
D. Butt weld ends.
E. Wafer type ends.
F. Buttress ends.
End connection means arrangement of attachment of the valve with the equipment or the piping.

6. What are the types of check valves?
Answer: – Check valves are divided into two types based on check mechanism as: –
A. Lift check valve.
B. Swing check valve.

7. What do you mean by special purpose valves?
Answer:- Valves that perform duties other than the two-way isolation, control and check are called special purpose valves.

8. What are Glandless piston valves? Where these are used?
Answer:-Glandless piston valves are regulating valves used in steam services.

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