1 June 2023

Turbine Start up | START UP PARAMETER | Pressure | Temperature | Rate of Speed

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Turbine Start up


Turbine Start up Parameters:-


Unit Start up

Modes of Start Up.

  • Cold start up ≤150°C
  • Warm startup 150 °C ~ 300 °C
  • Hot start up 300°C ~ 400°C
  • Very hot start up ≥ 400 °C

These temperatures are metal temperatures at upper half regulating stage of HP Inner casing

Warm start up

Main steam pressure 16 kg/cm2

Temperature 400°C

Reheat steam Temperature 330°C

Rate of speed rise is 150 rpm/min.


Hot start up 

Steam pressure     36 Kg/cm2

Temperature        440°C

Reheat Temp        410°C

Rate of speed rise is  250 rpm/min.


Very Hot start up

Main steam pressure 45 kg/cm2

Temperature 510°C

Reheat steam Temperature 480°C

Rate of speed rise is 250 rpm/min.



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