2 June 2023


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  1. Before enter the steam check the position of all steam valve oil valve water valves

  2. Check the oil level (Main Oil Tank) check differential pressure of oil filters

  3. Trail check auxiliary oil pump. Control oil pump .emergency oil pump .oil vapour exhaust fan turning gear motor. Condensate water pump .gland steam exhaust fan .over head tank oil fill up

  4. Check before start all safety inter locks of turbine (steam temp .bearing temp& vibration .vacuum .lube oil. control oil pressure, Exhaust Temp., Rotor Differential Expansion, Axial Shift, Hot Well Level , TCP Panel Lamp Test Hotter Check.)

  5. 5.Check All Control valve (Hot Well Level , And Recirculation c/v HP Heater And LP Heater And 25 Ata c/v )

  6. Check All Mortised Valve Open and Closed.

  7. Check Cooling tower Level Start ACW Pump , CW Pump charge The Condenser And Oil cooler And Generator Cooler And BFP Bearing Cooling Line I/L and O/L Valve Open. (Ensure The Air vent Valve Open Before Charge condenser Generator And oil Cooler.)

  8. Start The AOP Pump Fill up Over Head tank (Start MOT heater As per Required)

  9. Start Mot Vapour Extraction fan.

  10. Start Bearing Gear Motor (Ensure Before Start The Motor to Engagement of Bearing Gear At Local)

  11. Start Control Oil Pump And 2nd Pump Auxiliary Mode.

  12. Ensure Hot Well Recirculation Control Valve in Auto Mode And Set Point 34 TPH

  13. Ensure Hot Well Control Valve in Auto Mode And Set Point 50%.

  14. Ensure Hot Well Level 50% Than Start CEP Pump And 2nd Pump in Sequence Mode.

  15. Ensure Steam Start UP Vent Valve Open And All Steam Drain Valve Open,

  16. Charge The Main Steam Line And 25 Ata Line for Ejector.

  17. Start Vacuum Puling (Through Hogger) And Vacuum Rich -0.70 Kg/Cm2 After Main Ejector Take in Service Close The Hoggar.

  18. Gland Sealing Charge Sealing Temp. More Than 150 ْC And Vacuum More Than -0.2 Kg/Cm2

  19.  After Healthy Vacuum And steam Temp, More Than 300 ْC Turbine Reset Form TCP Panel

  20. Before Start Turbine Ensure Casing Expansion Minimum 1.5 MM.

  21. Turbine Start Steam Temp. More Than 300 ْC Pressure 62Kg/Cm2 And Parallel Check Vibration, Bearing Temp, Axial Shift, Rotor Differential Expansion, Exhaust Temp.

  22. Cold Start up 750 RPM 30 Minutes.

  23. Worm Start up 750 RPM 20 Minutes.

  24. Hot Start up 750 RPM 10 Minute

  25. Take The Turbine Rated Speed (Automatic Speed Increased to Rated Speed.)

  26. Push The Rated Button on TCP Panel. 

  27. Critical Speed Min. 2680 RPM to 3300 Maxi. RPM.

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