24 November 2023

Turbine Start up | START UP & OPERATION LIMITS | Control values for Axial displacement | bearing vibration | Shaft vibration | oil pressure | oil temperature | Temperature of bearing tungsten metal | Oil level in oil tank | Condenser pressure | Pressure limits

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Turbine Start up

1.Control values for axial displacement (the rotor being positioned by working pad, the movement of rotor toward generator is plus, the opposite is minus

 Alarm value                +0.6  -1.05mm

 Shut down value     +1.2  – 1.65mm


2.Control value for bearing vibration

(2.1) Vibration on bearing cover (peak-peak value)

a. Normal value  ≤ 0.03mm

b. Alarm value 0.05mm

c. Shut down value  0.08mm .

(2.2) Shaft vibration (peak – peak value)

a. Normal value  ≤ 0.076mm

b. Alarm value 0.125mm

c. Shut down value  0.25mm


3.Control  values for oil pressure

(3.1) Normal value of mail oil pump outlet pressure 1.8MPa (17.7kgf/cm2)

(3.2) Lubricating oil pressure

Normal value 0.0785 ~ 0.118MPa (0.8 ~1.5kgf/cm2)

Alarm value 0.049 MPa (0.5kgf/cm2) automatically start up AC lube oil pump

AC oil pump starts automatically when turbine speed falls below2850rpm or Main oil pump discharge oil pressure low ≤ 1.8MPa

Turbine Shutdown value 0.039MPa(0.4kgf/cm2) automatically start up DC emergency oil pump

Value for stopping turning gear 0.03MPa (0.31kgf/cm2)

(3.3) EH anti-burning oil pressure

a. Normal value   13~14MPa

b. Alarm value 11.2 MPa

c. Shut down value  7.8MPa


4.Control values for oil temperature

normal value of bearing inlet oil            40~45℃

normal value of bearing housing return oil     <65℃

alarm value of bearing housing return oil             65℃

shut down value of bearing housing return oil 75℃(manual)

EH oil temperature                               40℃±5℃


5.Temperature of bearing tungsten metal

  Temperature of support bearing tungsten metal

  Alarm value 105 °C

  Shutdown value 115 °C  (manual)

  Temperature of thrust bearing tungsten metal

  Alarm value 100 °C

  Shutdown value 110 °C


6.Oil level in oil tank (indicating value of oil indicator)

  The max oil level +200mm

  The alarm value of min oil level   -180mm

  The shut down value of min oil level   -230mm

7.Condenser pressure

  Normal value   0.015Mpa (0.147kgf/cm2)

  Alarm value   >0.05Mpa (0.49Kgf/cm2)

  Shutdown value   0.055MPa (0.539kgf/cm2)


8.The unit is allowed to operate with30%  ~ 100% load for long time.

The operation time in which the unit carries plant load after the trip-out should not exceed 15 minutes. And this operation should not exceed once a year. This operation mode will considerably consume the lifetime of the unit. It is better to avoid adopting this mode, except absolutely necessary.

The no load operation time after trip-out of the unit should not exceed 15 min, and this operation should not exceed once a year.

Usually, the unit is not allowed to operate in electric motor mode. In case it is absolutely required, this mode of operation can only be performed once a year, on condition that the back pressure is less than 0.05MPa and temperature of exhaust casing less than 85 °C

Each time of this operation is not to exceed 1 min.

9. Pressure limits for each section of steam extraction port and regulating stage. 

10. Stop the unit if steam temperature goes less than 450°C 


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