29 September 2023

#5 | [BEST] Turbine Overhauling | Step wise Step Procedure | Check list | Important Clearance Maintain |

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                              Turbine Overhauling

Step wise step Procedure and Important clearance Maintain as per check list.


Step-1 :- To be check Bearing Clearance 

A.) Oil Clearance                B.) Oil Gland Clearance       C.) Interference.

Step-2:- To be Check Alignment

Step-3:- To be Check Run Out (Turbine coupling run out and Generator Coupling run out)

Step-4:- To be Check Air Gap (Exciter Air Gap and Generator Air Gap)

Step-5:- To be Check Emergency Governor trip level clearance

Step-6:- To be check centering reading

Step-7:- To be check  steam gland clearance

Step-8:- To be check floats

Step-9:- To be check turbine Pressure stage diaphragm gland clearnce

Step-10:- To be check flow passage clearance (steam Path Audit)

Step-11:- To be check safety Device and speed sensors 

Step-12:- To be check Safety Device and Sensors (Axial displacement , differential expansion) 

Step-13:- To be check safety device and Vibration sensors (Turbine  & Generator Front and rear Brg Vibrations) 

Step-14:- To be check Single Row Curtis Stage.

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