26 November 2023

Sugar Test in Boiler Water | Sugar Test

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Sugar Test in Boiler Water

Sugar test in boiler water:-

A small amount of sugar in condensate(boiler feed water) can damage boilers. At temperatures sugar breaks down into acids, causing foam, corrosion and deposit(scale) inside the boiler tubes.

This damages the boiler and its accessories considerably. In serious cases, the boiler must be shut down for corrective action.

Inline instruments such as conductivity meter or flame photometer are installed in the feed water line and can detect even a trace of sugar in the boiler’s feed water. Boiler feed water is tested for sugar in the laboratory hourly, and even more frequently when a trace of sugar is detected. Even with the best prevention measures, sugar does sometimes get into feed water. When sugar is in the condensate , small doses of caustic soda can be added into the feed water to neutralized its acidity.

Sugar usually get to condensate because of the following reasons:-

1. Leak in heating tubes.
2. High juice level in evaporators.
3. Aggressive boiling in evaporators.
4. Foaming in evaporators.

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