2 October 2023

Steam Turbine Efficiency

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Steam Turbine Efficiency

The performance of the steam turbine can be analysed by assessing the following:

  • Turbine Heat Rate
  • Turbine Cycle Efficiency
  • Stage(isentropic ) turbine efficiency
  • The temperature, presure and flow measurements for the following are necessary
  • Feed water Inlet & Outlet of Heaters
  • Main Steam
  • Hot Reheat Steam, Cold Reheat Steam
  • IP Extraction
  • IP Exhaust
  • In addition to the above, the generator output is to be noted.


Turbine Heat Rate

The turbine heat rate is defined as the amount of heat input to the turbine in kCal for generating one unit of electricity.

Turbine Heat Rate, kCal/kWh = (Q1 X (H1 –h2) +Q2 X (H3 – H2)) / Gross Generator Output

Unit Heat Rate = Turbine Heat Rate / Boiler Efficiency

Turbine Cycle Efficiency =( 860 / Turbine Heat Rate) x 100

Turbine Stage Efficiency = Actual Enthalpy drop /Isentropic enthalpy drop across the turbine

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