30 September 2023

Steam distribution system Components | Strainer | Filter | Separator #2

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Steam distribution system Components

  1. Strainers
  • Purpose
  • Stop scale, dirt and other solids
  • Protect equipment
  • Reduce downtime and maintenance
  • Fitted upstream of steam trap, flow meter, control valve
  • Two types: Y-type and basket type



  • Other strainer options
  • Magnetic inserts: remove iron/steel debris
  • Self cleaning strainers
  • Mechanical: scraper or brush
  • Backwashing: reverse flow direction
  • Temporary strainers: equipment protection during start-ups
  1. Filters
  • Consists of sintered stainless steel filter element
  • Remove smallest particles
  • Direct steam injection – e.g. food industry
  • Dirty stream may cause product rejection – e.g. paper machines
  • Minimal particle emission required from steam humidifiers
  • Reduction of steam water content

  • Choose correct size due to large pressure drop
  • Do not exceed flow rate limits
  • For steam applications
  • Fit separator upstream to remove condensate
  • Fit Y-type strainer upstream to remove large particles
  • Identify when cleaning needed
  • Pressure gauges
  • Pressure switch
  1. Separators
  • Separators remove suspended water droplets from steam
  • Water in steam causes problems
  • Water is barrier to heat transfer
  • Erosion of valve seals and fittings and corrosion
  • Scaling of pipework and heating surfaces from impurities
  • Erratic operation and failure of valves and flow meters
  • Three types of separators

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