1 June 2023

Refractory Gunning and Shotcrete

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Refractory Gunning and Shotcrete

Gunning Refractory:-

For small jobs , each typically 25 – 30 MT, in different equipment & for small veneers
● Equipment is smaller & flexible . Can be moved closer to working platform.
● Can be stopped & started easily.

Shotcrete Refractory

Application area more than 100 – 150 m2 in one location
● High localized refractory tonnage (typically > 70 to 80 MT) which needs to be lined fast (either full lining or partial repair).
● The equipment set-up will be at ground level with piping done up to work area (initially steel piping & then rubber hose)
● Shifting of equipment or frequent interruption not possible once pumping starts.

Comparison of Shotcrete & Dry Gunning




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