25 November 2023


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Flash steam––

This shall not be mistaken for a steam leak through the trap. The users sometimes get confused between a flash steam and leaking steam. The flash steam and the leaking steam can be approximately identified as follows:
If steam blows out continuously in a blue stream, it is a leaking steam. If a steam floats out intermittently in a whitish cloud, it is a flash steam.

Flash steam is produced when condensate at a high pressure is released to a lower pressure and can be used for low pressure heating. The higher the steam pressure and lower the flash steam pressure the greater the quantity of flash steam that can be generated. In many cases, flash steam from high pressure equipment’s is made use of directly on the low pressure equipment’s to reduce use of steam through pressure reducing valves.

A flash system should run at the lowest possible pressure so that the maximum amount of flash is available and the backpressure on the high pressure systems is kept as low
as possible.

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