29 September 2023

Flame Safety System

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Flame Safety System

FSS(Flame Safety System)

In order to prevent such accidents of explosions, control systems known as ‘Furnace Safety Systems’ have been devised in modern boilers. Such control systems have also been given such names as ‘Flame Safety Supervisor System’ or ‘Furnace Safeguard Supervisory System’ and are commonly abbreviated as ‘FSSS’ as also ‘Master Fuel Trip’ Logic, abbreviated as ‘MFT’. FSS takes care of interlocks required for starting, supervising the operating and safe shut down of the equipment connected with fuel firing system. Other devices burner management system and programmable logic control system are used now a day.

The earlier control systems for interlock and protection used electromagnetic relays for implementation of logic. Later solid-state hardwired systems were used. Presently, sophisticated distributed control systems are used for boiler auxiliaries interlock and protection system and furnace safe guard supervisory system.

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