4 December 2023

Fan Pressure Relationship

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Fan Pressure Relationship

Static PressurePressure exerted on a wall by the adjacent fluid which is at rest or which is flowing without disturbance along the wall of conduit.

Velocity PressurePressure equivalent of the velocity at which fluid is flowing.

Total PressurePressure of fluid in motion is the total pressure which is algebraic sun of velocity pressure and static pressure.


Fan Total PressurePressure that exists by virtue of compression and the rate motion i.e. the total pressure difference at outlet and inlet of fan.

Fan Velocity PressurePressure corresponding to the average velocity at the specified fan outlet area i.e. Velocity pressure at outlet.

Fan Static Pressure = Fan total pr. – Fan Velocity Pr.

  Or =Static pr. at outlet – Total pr. at inlet of fan

Static Pressure Rise =Difference of Static Pr. At outlet and inlet of fan.

Pressure Measurement

Fan static pressure

Static Pressure Profile of the System

Static pressure drop and rise across entire system



















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