26 September 2023

Condenser Performance Monitoring | Typical Condenser Calculations | Factors affecting Condenser Performance

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Condenser Performance Monitoring

A.) Condenser Performance Monitoring:-


B.) Typical Condenser Calculations:-

 * Expected BP to be derived from design BP after applying corrections for Load and CW inlet temperature during test


C.) Factors affecting Condenser Performance:- 

  • Condensate Sub cooling

  • Air In-Leakage

  • Condensate dissolved Oxygen for air ingress

  • Condenser after cation conductivity for condenser tube leakage

  • hot well and Condensate Temperature

  • Circulating Water Flow

  • Circulating Water Temperature

  • 6mm hg condenser vacuum detrition is eq to 1% IP/LP cap loss

  • CW flow that is CW velocity is related to condenser heat transfer

  • Checking for condenser cleanliness by videoscope is a good practice

  • Cleanliness of air suction zone tubes

  • Air steam mix temp depression more than 4.5 degree confirms air ingress

  • as a rule of thumb, each 5 degrees of condensate sub cooling results in a 0.05% increase in heat rate.

  • Abs pressure transmitters to be used for condenser Vacuum measurement.

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