1 June 2023

Comparison Statement of E109 equivalent welding electrodes

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CS of E109 equivalent welding electrodes | Mechanical Engineer — Task -1 for Innovation

CS of E109 equivalent electrodes
S.NoDescriptionUOMWelding electrode E109Welding electrode     SS39EWelding electrode    diffuse alloy 910Alloyrods901
1Cost per kgRs180080029101350
2Make AdorAdordioffusionTech welds
3Technical data     
aUTSkgf/mm255-65 555755 – 65
cMetal recovery%130100 130
dHardness    200 BHN
4Properties The weld metal is strong, ductile and tough and can resist impact very wellIt provides high-tensile strength, excellent resistance to chemical corrosion and heat.high oxidation resistance and high strength temperature up to 1100C .dissimilar and
unknown austenitic steels and for joining these to steels
Weld metal is strong, ductile and tough and can resist impact very well. 
5Application as per data sheet Rebuilding of
impellers, shafts, valve faces and seats and
turbine leads to provide resistance to heat, abrasion, erosion and corrosion.
Joining stainless steel to low alloy steels
and carbon steels, building up mild steel to
improve wear resistance.
 Ideal for welding furnace,parts heat exchangers, heat treatment boxes, kiln cooler plates, and for clad steelstainless steels to carbon steels, low alloy steels, cast steels and austenitic manganese steels. Depositing tough overlay on cast steel parts, austenitic manganese steel parts.
6Recommendation   We can use for anker fixing in boiler area

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