28 September 2023

Boiler Safety

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Boiler Safety

Boiler safety :

To ensure that the boiler plant and auxiliaries operate as efficiently and reliably as possible, the regular planned maintenance of all plant items andassociated equipment is essential.

Procedures recommended by the various manufacturers

– both for preventive and corrective maintenance should be implemented
– to obtain the maximum plant utilization and safety.

Apart from above we should take care about following point

1. Furnace Inspection
2. Maintenance Work
3. Steam and Water Source Isolation
4. Residual Pressure or Vacuum
5. Safety Measures for Internal Inspection and during Start –up
6. Residual heat
7. Hot dust and / or Noxious / Inflammable gas
8. Fuel oil Leakage and Fire Fighting Equipment
9. Burning / Welding within Boiler Interior

10. Deviation from Recommended Procedures
11. Maintenance Equipment
12. Work Permits
13. Dampness
14. Safety Hazards
15. Steam & Water at Elevated Pressure & Temperature
16. Mechanical Equipment
17. Flue gases
18. HP and LP Dosing Chemicals
19. Noise
20. Protective Materials and Clothing


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