2 October 2023

Boiler Safety Protection | Boiler Safety Control | safety protection system of high pressure boilers

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Boiler Safety Protection

Boiler Protection:-

Usually following basic protection has been given in high pressure boiler for safety of boiler.

1. Tripping of both FD fans.
2. Tripping of both ID fans
3. Furnace pressure high
4. Furnace pressure low
5. When turbine trips
6. When generator trips
7. Drum level high
8. Drum level low
9. Air flow is les than 30%
10. Total flame failure
11. Less of 220 VDC supply of FSSS
12. Both PBS on FSSS pressed

Safety controls :

Generally are those that limit energy input and thus shut down the equipment when unsafe conditions develop. They are :
(1) Pressure-limit or Temperature-limit Switches,
(2) Low-water Fuel Cutoffs,
(3) Flame-failure Safety Supervisory Systems (FSSS),
(4) Automatic Ignition Controls,
(5) Oil and Gas Fuel Shutoff Valve Controls,
(6) Air and Fuel Pressure Interlock Controls,
(7) Feed Water Regulating Controls and
(8) Safety Valves (or Relief Valves) are the most important safety device. While not considered a control in the usual sense, it is the last measure against a serious explosion.

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