3 December 2023

Boiler Purging

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Boiler Purging

Boiler Purging :

Purging is the furnace cleaning process of any boiler in which incombustible remaining gases are being removed. Fresh startup of any boiler required the purging because there are huge changes of explosion during the boiler startup due to remaining gases are balance after stoppage of any boiler.
Boiler purging are being carried out during stoppage and startup of boiler.

Procedure of Boiler Purging :

1. Start ID,FD & PA fans without any firing into the furnace.
2. Ensure maximum air flow during the purging.
3. Maintain the desired drought during the purging.
4. No combustion are taking place during purging.
5. Holding or air flow restrictions are not advisable during the purging.
6. Ensure purging time to be completed as per boiler manufacturer recommendations.
7. Stop all running fans after completion of purging time.

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