28 September 2023

Boiler Pressure Parts Metallurgy | Carbon steel tubes | Alloy Steel | T11_T22_T91_TP347H

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Boiler Pressure Parts Metallurgy

This is Very Important DetailsĀ  for compare the selection of Material and Metallurgy for Boiler Pressure Parts Tubes & Pipes of different application in Power Plant Industry.

MOC (Material of Composition) along with Chemical composition and Physical Properties given in tabular format for Carbon steel (SA 210 GR A1), Alloy Steel T11, T22 , T91 and TP347H/

Where we can used SA210 Gr A1, T11, T22, T91 either Water wall tubes, Super Heater (PSH, SSH, FSH), Reheater according to Metal Temperature and Hardness.



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