2 October 2023

boiler mounting and boiler accessories

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boiler mounting and boiler accessories

Boiler Mountings:

For the safety of the boiler and for better control over the steam generation process, various fitting are provided on the boiler, which are called boiler mountings.

A boiler cannot function safely without mountings. They are mainly,

(1) Safety valves
(2) Water level indicator or gauge
(3) High Steam Low-Water Alarm or High Steam Pressure Alarm
(4) Fusible Plug
(5) Steam Pressure Gauge
(6) Steam stop valve
(7) Feed check valve
(8) Blow-off cock or blow-down valve etc.

Boiler Accessories:

These are the items that form an integral part of the boiler but are not mounted on the boiler. They are mainly for increasing the plant load and overall boiler efficiency and they help in smooth running of the plant under desired operating conditions. They are mainly,

(1) Super-heater
(2) Economizer
(3) Air Pre-heater
(4) Feed water pumps or Injectors
(5) Feed water heaters etc.

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