1 October 2023

Boiler chemical cleaning process # 1

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Boiler chemical cleaning process


1.) Boiler chemical cleaning process

Chemical cleaning being carried out during commissioning of any boiler otherwise it is being done whenever any boiler running in very poor boiler water quality by which scale has been formed inside the tube. Higher temperature of boiler exit is the indication of scale formation inside the boiler tubes.

2.) Chemical cleaning process :

The boiler chemical cleaning process sequence is as follows :

1. Water flushing
2. Alkali circulation
3. Cleaning
4. Water flushing after alkali circulation cleaning
5. Hydrochloride acid circulation cleaning
6. Water flushing
7. Rinsing and Passivation.

3.) When is post operational chemical cleaning of the Boiler recommended? 

Post operational chemical cleaning of boiler recommended on following conditions
1. Steam generation could not get achieved upto 100% MCR.
2. Frequent boiler tube failure s
3. Boiler exit flue gas temperature is very high.
4. Boiler was running wide range of lower water treatment.


The Following system must normally be put into operation separately and have corresponding operation measurement.
1. The water treatment system of power plant has been finished for commissioning and could be put into normal operation. Water treatment plant can supply enough and good quality fresh water and                        dematerialized water.
2. Start up boiler and start up steam system could supply 0.8 – 1.0 MPa pressure steam.
3. Waste water treatment system.


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