2 October 2023

SS 409-MS-IS 2062-SS 304 | Abrasion Wear | high temperature up to 400 C | Best selection of Material | Metallurgy used for Saving cost

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SS 409-MS-IS 2062-SS 304

Abrasion Wear, high temperature up to 400 C, Best selection of Material, Metallurgy used for Saving cost.

Best Suitable Material SS 409 for Selection of Hopper Material where Abrasion wear and temperature up to 400 C, Which comparison with SS 304 and MS in terms of cost reduction and life enhancement.

All Plants and its employees are facing a Problem that selection of best metallurgy which give best results in terms of life as well as performance. Also cost should be optimum.

for this I will provide all information along with case study.

Case study-1:

We require selection of  Material for our application where abrasion wear (Ash) and high temperature around 400 C takes Place. This material is used for hopper plate.

There are 02 option take place

1. Either we can go with MS Plate (As hopper material always used IS 2062 as Material required in huge quantity).

2. Or we can go with SS Plate (SS 304 is suitable but cost is higher than MS)

So, We have selected SS 409 which are grade of SS but cost as compared to SS 304 is just half.

Finally if Material selection for hopper Plate which is used for collection of hot material having Temperature 400 C and abrasive nature, We will go with SS 409 (Optimum solution)

MS (IS 2062) Plate 6 mm thick  — 1 Kg   — Cost Rs 39/- Per Kg  ( Rs 0.39/- Per Ton

SS 304 Plate 6 mm thick —1 kg — Cost Rs 195/- Per Kg (Rs 1.95/- Per Ton)

SS 409 Plate 6 mm thick — 1 Kg –Cost Rs 74/- Per kg (Rs 0.74/- Per Ton)


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