2 October 2023

Air Test Procedure | Power Plant Test Procedure # 1

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Air Test Procedure


The Air Testing of ACC distribution duct including ‘Y’ branch and right angle duct blanked, along with tube bundle, condensate drain pipe, Air extraction pipe needs to be carried out to check leakages after completion of welds.

01       Blank the condensate drain line prior to connecting it to  condensate storage tank.

02       Horizontal portion of duct connecting bend for  ‘Y’ duct  to be terminated at suitable point for blanking. Blanking   to be done to design details.

03       Blank the air extraction line prior to connecting it to Ejector line at + 6.30 M.

04       Blank manhole on distribution duct with one rupture disc and other with blanks.

05       Install temperatures gauges on condensate drain pipe, Air extraction pipeline, main duct blank & condensate duct blank as per Air test scheme.

06       Install pressure gauges connection on the main duct blank plates with valves & safety valves at air inlet as per Air test scheme referred above.

07       Connect  plastic U-tube  as shown in sketch  on blank plate at suitable location and install measuring tapes for measurement.

08       Pressurize ducting to 200 mili bar gauge (2000 mm water column) and wait for one hour to stabilize.

09       Check all weld with soap solution.

10       If leaks are  found de-pressurize the system, repair the welds, and repeat the test.

11       Increase the pressure of the air up to 250 mili bar gauge (2500 mm water column).

12       Measure temperatures at all location and record.  Every hour also check ambient temp.  and record.

13       Wait for two hours to stabilize  while air pressure testing people should not be near ACC for first 15 mts of pressurization.

14       Take temperature measurements, pressure measurements on gauge and manometer and record the parameters every hour in Log sheet.

15       Keep the equipment under pressure for 4 hours & record the parameters.

16       Calculate the air ingress and check with the requirement.

17       De-pressurize.

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