24 March 2023

5.) Power Plant Experts-Coal Handling Plant (CHP) | Common Troubles | Troubleshooting of Vibration Screen

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Common troubles and troubleshooting usually happen during vibration screen working are as follows:

Trouble phenomenon I:

vibration screen is fail to boot or amplitude is small Reasons
   1) Motor damage    2) Electrical components in control wiring damage
   3) Low-voltage
   4) Materials accumulate too many in the screen surface
   5) Vibration exciter trouble
   6) Grease in vibration exciter stiffen becomes granular

   1) Replace the motor
   2) Replace the electrical components
   3) Change power source
   4) Clean the materials on the screen surface
   5)  Maintenance the vibration exciter
   6) Clean the vibration and updates suitable grease 

Trouble phenomenon II:

material flow anomalies
        1) Couldn’t find the right horizontal direction of the screen box
        2) Rigidity of support spring is strong or damage
        3) Screen surface damage
        4) Feeding materials unequally

   1) Adjust scaffold height 
   2) Adjust spring
   3) Adjust screen surface
   4) Uniform operation and feeding equally 

Trouble phenomenon III:

Low efficiency of screening
   1) Mesh blockages
   2) Material moisture in the screen increased 
   3) Screen feeding material unequally
   4) Screen layers too thick
   5) Screen mesh is not tight, drive belt too loose

   1) Uniform operation and feeding equally
   2) Reduce the vibrating screen load and clean the screen surface
   3) Change inclination angle of screen box
   4) Regulate the screen feeding
   5) Reduce the screen feeding 
   6) Tight mesh and drive belt 

Trouble phenomenon IV:

Screen rotation slows and bearing heating during the normal operation.
     1) Bearing lack of lubricating oil
     2) Bearing blockage
     3) Bearing grease too much or put into unsuitable oil
     4) Bearing damage or installed poorly, eccentric block in circle wheel fall off, eccentric

   1) Injection lubricant into bearing
   2) Clean bearing, replace seal gasket, inspection the labyrinth seal gasket device
   3) Inspect lubricant of bearing
   4) Replace bearing, installed eccentric block, adjust the circle wheel

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