30 September 2023

First Time Turbine cold Start up | Turbine Cold Start Up |Cold Start up Curves| More than 100 MW Turbine | China make

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First Time Turbine cold Start up

1.) The start model of turbine is decided by the inner metal temperature of HP inner casing upper governing stage before start the turbine

cold start:≤150℃

warm start:150℃~300℃

hot start:300℃~400℃

extremely hot start:≥400℃

2.) The power of equipment’s and valves belongs to turbine side should in the working position.

3.) The flowing systems should be put into operation: CW system, ACW system, CCW system, compressed air system, DM water and make up water system, condensate water system, deaerater water system, lube oil system, jacking oil system, turning gear, EH oil station and control system, bypass oil station and control system, main turbine protection system, vacuum system, all the interlock of every equipment should be put into operation.

4.) After running the gear, check and record the eccentricity of rotor, compare the same with original reading in the manual. If the change is less than 0.03mm, it means nothing has happened. The flow path part also should be listened, make sure the gear keep running for more than 2 hours.

5.) Feed water to boiler to light up Put the drain system of main steam pipe line into operation

6.) After the temperature of main steam gets to 200℃, warming up the pipeline of turbine steam gland system, interlayer heating system and the pipes from main steam to auxiliary steam system. For clod start up, the pressure of gland main pipe should 0.128MPa, temperature should 120℃~180℃

7.) After the vacuum is below 20KPa, put the turbine drain system and HP/LP bypass system into service.

8.) Keep rising the temperature and pressure of boiler, after gets to the followings parameter, prepare the turbine rolling: main steam pressure 1.0MPa,  main steam temperature280℃±10,(50℃ for the overheated) reheat steam temperature 220℃, condenser pressure is lower than 20KPa, gland header pressure 0.128MPa, temperature 120℃~180℃.

9.) Latch on the turbine and Open the main steam valve, make the local and remote trip test.

10.) The guide pipe should be warmed up for 10 minutes, put the casing interlayer heating into operation.

11.) Put all the protection into operation except the generator fault and vacuum protection. Record all the operation parameters before rolling, the LP casing spay system should be put into operation automatically, and it will open after the temperature of exhaust steam is more than 80℃. Pay attention to the shaft critical rotate speed.

first stage   1309r/min   (motor rotor first stage)

second stage   1850r/min  (HIP rotor first stage)

third stage     2116r/min       (LP rotor first stage)

forth stage     3584r/min        (generator rotor second stage)

12.) Rolling the turbine without the HP/LP bypass, the speed-increasing rate is 100RPM/min, target speed is 500RPM, when the turbine begin to rolling, check the turning gear in local, it should out of operation and stopped. If it was not, stop turbine and find out the reason.

13.) Make the rubbing check after the unit gets to 500RPM, check rubbing condition of turbine steam gland and generator shield, check the HP exhaust check valve whether in the wholly-opened condition, but the stay time should less than 5 min.

14.) After finish the rubbing check test, latch on the turbine and rise the speed, the speed increasing rate should be 100RPM/min the target speed is 1100RPM, warm up for 60 minutes(because the turbine insulation is wet, we decided extend the time of warming up). Supervise and record all the parameters of turbine during the warming up.

15.) Raise the turbine speed after finish the warming up in middle speed. The speed-increasing rate is100RPM/min, target speed is 2300RPM, keep warming for 30 minutes (because the turbine insulation is wet, we decided extend the time of warming up). During this process, supervise and record all the parameters, when the speed is gets to 1200RPM, stop the jack oil pump interlocking.

16.) Raise the turbine speed after finish the warming up in fast speed. The speed-increasing rate is100RPM/min, target speed is 3000RPM, fix this speed and check all the operation parameters and conditions. The pressure of condenser should less than 12KPa.

17.) Turbine oil spry test

18.) Oil pump switch-over test

19.) The electrical department should be done the necessary test before synchronization.

20.) Put the system from gland sealing and leakage to deaerator, from the valve leakage to dearator into operation. Open the pipe draining.

21.) When the temperature of HIP outer casing lower part outer wall is beyond the 350℃, and the differential expansion is in the permit range, people can stop the interlayer heating system.

22.) Unit synchronization. The control system should load 3% loads automatically, then put the generator fault and vacuum lower protection into service.

23.) According to the curve of cold start-up with variable parameters, rise the loads with the speed of 1MW/min, and warm up the unit for 60minutes after the loads gets to 10MW. Then rise the temperature and pressure of boiler, open the control valve, rise the load to 27MW with the speed of 1.3MW/min(20% rated load), keep running for 4 hours, then reduce the loads and parallel off the generator, make the sealing test and the over speed test of turbine.

24.) After the unit gets to a steady operation, flushing the steam side of HP/LP heater.

25.) After finish the over speed test, trip the turbine without break the vacuum. Put the HP/LP bypass into operation to fit the safety valve.

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