2 June 2023

classifications of pulverized coal burner

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Classifications of pulverized coal burner


Types of pulverized coal burners :

1. Long Flame Burner (U-Flame Burner):-

In this burner air and coal mixture travels a considerable distance thus providing sufficient time for complete combustion .

2. Short Flame Burner (Turbulent Burner):-

The burner is fitted in the furnace will and the flame enters the furnace horizontally.

3. Tangential Burner:-

In this system one burner is fitted attach corner of the furnace. The inclination of the burner is so made that the flame produced are tangential to an imaginary circle at the center.

4. Cyclone Burner :-

This burner uses crushed coal intend of pulverizedĀ coal. Its advantages are as follows :
(i) It saves the cost of pulverization because of a crusher needs less power than a pulverize.
(ii) Problem of fly ash is reduced. Ash produced is in the molten form and due to inclination of furnace it flows to an appropriate disposal system.

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