29 September 2023

Alignment | Industrial Machine Alignment | Equipment Alignment | Part -1 |

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Alignment, Industrial Machine Alignment,  Equipment Alignment (Part -1)

Alignment Procedure, Laser Alignment , Concept of Misalignment , Condition Monitoring, alignment methods, alignment Tolerance, Reverse indicator Method, Soft Foot, Fixing of Dial Gauge.

What is Alignment?

It is the correction of relative position of two

machines so that Center lines of two rotating shafts

form a straight line when the machines are working

at normal operating temperature.

Causes Of Misalignment

  1. Thermal  expansion  – Most  machines  align  cold.
  2. Machine vibrations.
  3. Forces transmitted to the machine by pipe or support structure.
  4. Soft foot.
  5. Direct coupled machines are not properly aligned.
  6. Poor workmanship.

Effects Of Misalignment

More than 50% problems are due to misalignment.

Causes vibration on the machine

Vibration destroys critical parts of machines like bearings, gears, seals, coupling etc.

Breaks lubricant film inside the bearing and increase friction.

Increases load on the bearing.

Increase 2 – 17% power consumption.

Generates heat inside the coupling.

Types Of Misalignment

1. Off set

2. Angular

3. Skew – Combination of offset & angular

Offset Misalignment

Increases power

consumption of the Machine

Angular Misalignment

Effects pin bush

Coupling more than tyre coupling.

Recognition Of Misalignment

1. Excessive Radial & Axial  vibration

2. Premature / repetitive failure of bearing, seal, coupling.

3. Loose coupling elements.

4. Leakage from the seal.

5. Loose base bolts.

6. Coupling become hot while running.

7. High casing temperature.

Diagnosis Of Misalignment

1. Vibration Spectrum Analysis

2. Vibration Phase Analysis

3. Wear Particle Analysis

Will be circulated in Part No-2………………………..To Be Continue

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